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7-25-2017 BiWeekly eNewsletter of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association
Equipment News

EDA Announces Webinar Series for OPE Dealers

The Equipment Dealers Association has developed of a series of six webinars specifically designed for equipment dealers who sell outdoor power products. The topics and schedule are as follows:

1. Aug. 17 – Understanding the Customer Journey to Online Purchase

2. Sept. 21 – Charting Your Digital Marketing Game Plan

3. Oct. 26  – Team SI: Your Website: The Foundation of all Your Marketing

4. Nov. 16  – SEO for Beginners: Best Practices & Successful Tactics

5. Dec. 14  – The Power of Data-Driven Marketing using TraDigital

6. Jan. 18  – Online Advertising 101: Build Paid Campaigns that Drive ROI

The entire webinar series is FREE to EDA members! REGISTER NOW

Fred Whyte, ‘Man of STIHL,’ Dies after 45 Years of Service – Rural Lifestyle Dealer

During his retirement Whyte stated, “I often say history is a great business teacher. And after working for more than four decades in this industry, I can confirm that substance wins out over style, every time.” [More] 


Van Houweling Named to Farm Equipment Editorial Advisory Board – Farm Equipment

Farm Equipment recently announced that Don Van Houweling, Van Wall Equipment, was named to the magazine’s editorial advisory board. He will serve for 2 years on the board. [More]


AGCO Improved Productivity and Accuracy Using Assisted Reality with Glass – AGCO 

AGCO Corporation recently announced that it is increasing the efficiency, quality and safety of its manufacturing programs by doubling the number of Glass, an assisted reality, wearable headset device being used in its Jackson, Minnesota, factory, and will begin using Glass at six additional factories. [More]


Honda Is Breaking New Ground in the Robotic Lawn Mower Industry –

You’ve probably heard of Honda’s self-driving cars or their other autonomous technologies. However, you might have not heard that Honda is trying to automate a whole new beast in 2017. [More]


Northey Comments on Iowa Crop Progress and Condition Report – Iowa Dept. of Agriculture

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey recently commented on the Iowa Crop Progress and Condition report released by the USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service. [More]


Nebraska Governor Ricketts Launches Council to Grow Nebraska through International Trade – Nebraska Ag Update

Governor Pete Ricketts, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and Nebraska Department of Economic Development recently launched the Governor’s Council for International Relations to bring together Nebraska business, agriculture and education groups to work together to expand overseas trade opportunities and develop new international partnerships for the state. [More]


Farmer Mac: Bankruptcy Rates Low – AgPro
According to Farmer Mac, Nebraska is one of five states where farm bankruptcies have been most common. [More]
Has Artificial Intelligence Met its Match in Agriculture? – AgPro
The insertion of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture is still coming, despite several obstacles. Those who embrace AI, stay ahead of it and harness its power will likely benefit immensely. Those who don’t may be left out on the street. [More]
Iowan Crowned Winner of John Deere’s “Small Machines. Big Impact.” Contest –
High school building trades instructor Eric Moores won a John Deere 333G CTL to help with his “Teaching Tomorrow’s Builders” hands-on learning building trades class. The Woodbine, Iowa, high school instructor was crowned the grand prize winner at the 2017 John Deere Classic pairings party. [More]
U.S. Tractor, Combine Sales See Solid Growth – AEM
U.S. retail sales of farm tractors under 40 HP saw an increase of 10 percent in June compared to one year ago, according to numbers released by AEM. [More]
The Home Depot Acquires Compact Power Equipment – Rural Lifestyle Dealer
As a long-term commercial partner of The Home Depot since 2009, Compact Power Equipment currently provides compact equipment rentals at more than 1,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada. [More]



Foreign Investment in U.S. Farmland on the Rise – AgPro 

Chinese companies own or are invested in more than 240,000 acres of U.S. farmland, USDA data shows. [More]


U.S. Farmers Maintain Optimism for Ag Economy, Barometer Reports – Successful Farming

According to the Purdue/CME Group’s June survey of U.S. agricultural producers, producers feel their farm operations’ financial positions are stronger now than a year ago. [More]


Japan’s Major Ag Equipment Makers to Launch Autonomous Tractors Soon – Farm Equipment

Three of the largest Japanese farm machinery manufacturers are expected to “launch full-fledged sales of self-driving tractors, possibly in fiscal 2018, which starts April 1,” according to July 21, 2017 report in The Japan Times. [More]












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