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9-5-2017 BiWeekly eNewsletter of the Iowa-Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association
Equipment News


Donate to Disaster Relief Fund to Help Equipment Dealers Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has caused overwhelming damage to Houston and surrounding areas. The amount of rainfall is unprecedented and has left countless people without access to food, water, shelter and other basic necessities. Some of those impacted are equipment dealers and their employees. Please consider a donation today! [More]


Beck’s Partners With Three Companies to Build Concept Planter – Successful Farming

Beck’s is partnering with Harvest International, Precision Planting and Schlipf Precision Ag to build a multi-row width, multi-hybrid concept planter for its Practical Farm Research program. This concept planter will help the ag industry better understand optimal row spacing, seeding rate and hybrid combination per acre. [More]


Montag Manufacturing Enters Cover Crop Application Business – Precision Farming Dealer

Montag Mfg. and Hagie Mfg. have come together in a joint marketing agreement, bringing together the industry leading STS line and Montag’s new Generation 2 dry delivery system to the cover crop application business. [More] 


DigiFarm VBN Announces Supplier Agreement with AGCO – Precision Farming Dealer

DigiFarm VBN has signed a supplier agreement with AGCO Corporation. The supplier agreement will offer DigiFarm VBN cellular hardware and GNSS corrections for all models of agriculture GNSS receivers through Challenger, Fendt and Massey Ferguson dealers in North America. [More]


U.S. Farm Income Noses Upward After Three Years of Declines – Successful Farming

U.S. farm income is on the rise for the first time since 2013 because producers are sending more crops and livestock to market than initially expected, said the USDA. [More]


Most U.S. Farmers Remain Loyal to ‘Their’ Equipment Brand – Farm Equipment

Traditionally, farmers are known to be dogged loyal to certain products and this has been particularly true when it comes to their brand of equipment. While dealers and others in the ag equipment business might insist that brand loyalty has greatly diminished in recent years, this isn’t what farmers say. [More]


U.S. Ag Exports Rebound from Slump, Tie for Third Largest Ever – Successful Farming

U.S. farm exports will total $139.8 billion this fiscal year, the third-highest tally ever and ending a slump in sales that began in 2014 following the collapse of the commodity boom, the USDA estimated in a quarterly report. [More]


Machinery Trends Toward Size, ‘Smarts’ – AgUpdate 

Over the years, tracking equipment trends seems to have been an exercise in seeing just how large equipment can get. [More]


Tractor Sales Follow Downward Trend – AgUpdate 

Sales of small tractors are climbing for the eighth straight year, but sales of bigger new tractors are sliding again. [More]


North Dakota Dealer Law Put on Hold – Rural Lifestyle Dealer

According to published reports, a federal judge has ruled that the state of North Dakota cannot enforce “or institute an action for any alleged violation” of a new law designed to protect farm equipment dealers. [More]


Wheat is Out on Farms; Chickpeas and Lentils Are In – Des Moines Register

An odd thing has happened in wheat country: A lot of farmers aren’t planting wheat. [More]













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