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Snow Shoveling 101

Hello everyone, Dr. Abbie Mork with Price Performance Chiropractic. I wanted to take this opportunity to help you with what will hopefully be some of your last days of shoveling snow this winter season.

If you think back to our first big snow fall of the year, you will remember how heavy it was. It actually has its own special name, heart attack snow. That is the term it has been given because it is so heavy and wet it is notorious for literally causing heart attacks. The reason being is because it is so much more difficult to shovel than light fluffy snow, which we have been getting with our more recent snow falls.

Treat it like a workout!

When going out to shovel any snow you should treat it just like a workout especially when you have a lot to shovel or it is heavy. That being said you don’t want to just roll out of bed and go out and start tackling the driveway. Instead, be smart about it and do the following:

Warm-up: just like before any workout you should do a dynamic warm-up it is no different. Immediately upon waking your body is usually very stiff and not ready for physical exertion. So make sure to get up, wake-up, and warm up!

Form: I cannot stress enough the importance of form! Often people will bend at the back while shoveling and twist to throw the snow. If this is you then you might as well give our office a call because you are going to be in pain. Instead, make sure you do the following:

  • Bend at the hips
  • use your legs as you would with a squat
  • do not twist with the snow on your shovel
  • make sure to alternate sides
  • If you find that you are fatiguing take a short break

What if you do get hurt?

If you do hurt yourself make sure to be smart about it. Stop shoveling snow immediately as you are only going to cause further pain and damage by continuing. You can give us a call at the office to discuss what happend and your symptoms or to set up and appointment. Until you can get in you will want to rest and ice your low back to decrease inflammation in the joint.

Shoveling snow, although not the most enjoyable thing, it is inevitable living in the Midwest. If you are smart about it you can help avoid injury, but if you do injure yourself do not wait to seek treatment. The sooner you get in and get treated, the sooner you will start feeling better!

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